Nisaetus bartelsi – Javan Hawk-eagle “National Bird of Indonesia”

Kingdom : Animalia Phylum : Chordata Class : Aves Order : Falconiformes Family : Accipitridae Genus : Nisaetus Species : Nisaetus bartelsi

Nisaetus bartelsi

Dok. by khalebyordan

The Javan Hawk-eagle is the national bird of Indonesia. The scientific name commemorates Hans Bartels. Due to on going habitat loss, small population size, limited range and hunting in some areas, the Javan Hawk-eagle is evaluated as Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. It is listed on Appendix II of CITES.


60 cm. Medium-sized, forest-dwelling eagle. Crown and moustachial of adult are black, long crest (often held almost vertically) is black, tipped white. Chestnut sides of head and nape, dark brown back and wings, brown long tail, barred black. Creamy-white throat with dark mesial stripe. Rest of underparts whitish, barred rufous. Immature is similar, but with plainer underparts and duller head.

Population estimate Population trend Range estimate (breeding/resident) Country endemic?
600 – 900 decreasing 14,500 km2 Yes

javan eagle2Dok. by Lip kee (see profile)

Range and Pupolation

Nisaetus bartelsi is endemic to the island of Java, Indonesia, where it is restricted to remaining patches of forest and is consequently scarce. An increase in survey effort and knowledge of the species’s home-range size has led to consecutive upward revisions of the global population, now estimated at over 600 individuals (with one estimate of 270-600 pairs). It is distributed widely throughout much of the island with a recent increase in the number of known localities, though it remains unrecorded from large areas of the north. Although there is no direct indication of a decline, the ongoing diminution of forest-cover on Java is certain to have been detrimental.

javan eagle

Dok. by IMPA AKASIA (see profile)


It frequents primary humid forest, although individuals and even nests have been recorded in secondary forest, production forest and tropical semi-deciduous forest. While it occurs from sea-level to high mountains, it is most frequent at 500-1,000 m. Recent extensive research has estimated the average home range size of one pair to be c. 400 ha. The species’s dispersal capabilities (and therefore its susceptibility to habitat fragmentation) remain poorly known, but adults appear to be highly sedentary while young birds are the main dispersers. Juveniles and immatures are recorded in woodland and some cultivated habitats before moving to secondary and primary evergreen forest as adults; this behaviour suggests that unsuitable habitats may not represent barriers to dispersal. It breeds every two years, principally between January and July, but can breed at any time of year.


The preferred diet consists of small mammals but it will take birds, snakes and lizards.


Birdlife international

IUCN red list


3 thoughts on “Nisaetus bartelsi – Javan Hawk-eagle “National Bird of Indonesia””

    1. Anda benar sekali foto yang pertama (sebelum diganti)adalah elang brontok (Spizaetus cirrhatus).

      Terimakasih atas masukannya..
      Sekarang telah kami koreksi dan mengganti gambar yang salah dengan gambar elang Jawa yang benar…

      Mohon maaf bagi pembaca mepow atas kelalaian ini.

  1. Ayo lindungi burung y indah ini dr tangan orang2 y tdk bertanggung jawab …jngn sampai anak cucu kita tdk bs menikmati keindahannya,ok?

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